Grade 5


A Home is where is best

Home. A great place. A place to be after a long day. A place where you look forward to going every day. It’s a place where there’s lots of love. It’s warm and it’s comfy. There’s laughter in it, no matter what kind it is.

Homes are filled with love and everyone needs a loving home. We all need it. If we don’t have a home, then we’d all be sad and lonely. But most of all, we’d be unloved. We all need a place to share this warm, beloved kindness. So it’s important to have a good home.

It’s also safe. It keeps out all the bad weather and cold stuff outside. It keeps the warm, loving kindness inside. Everyone should get a warm home to get all these comforts. A lot of people still don’t have homes. So that’s why we donate to them. So they could have a loving home like mine.

Is important that everyone is loved in their own home, no matter if the house is big or small, colorful or not, full or empty. It just needs love in it. It’s the perfect place to be. A home is where it’s best.