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Cote St. Luc

A home is where I am loved

A home is where I am loved
A home is where I feel safe, A home is where I make all my mistakes
A home is where I sleep, a home is where I eat
A home is where I play, A home is where we clean
We should be thankful for all that we eat
A home is where I’m proud home is where I’m happy
We should donate as much as we can to the homeless
They don’t have food or money
We should be grateful to have a roof from the sunny
They have no place to live except for the streets
They don’t have a home or anywhere to sleep
Some homeless are scary some homeless is harry
Only because they have nowhere to be going
It’s hard for them to get a job so it’s hard for them to earn money
When they sleep the rain is dripping on them like they have no feelings
They don’t have much of anything
All they have are some ripped pants and a ripped shirt
They have no more tears to cry out of
because the water in their eyes have dried
They have no family or friends nothing to entertain them to the end
I hope you enjoyed my poem
And that all of us can keep going