Grade 5


A home is not a house

A Home Not a House

A home is not just a house.
My home is special to me.
My brother sleeps in the bed beside me.
As long as you have a home you will be happy.
I have three moms and 4 siblings a big family.
My home is extraordinary.
In a home you need love, laughter and happiness.
Your home should be cozy, joyful.
And a little anger too.
Life and future are important for you.
You also need family to share your thoughts to.
Kindness , fun times and bad times to share.
You will all take care.
Memories you need for sure.
My home is the way my mom always cooks really healthy foods.
My home is the special because we play monopoly all the time.
We have family and friends over most of the time.
Once you get a home it is your time to shine.
And it will all be okay.
You will get a home today.