Grade 6

St. Albert

A Home is More Than Just a House

Home, a place where love blooms,
so much more than just a house with rooms.
My home will always feel so very safe,
because inside you can be brave.

Love makes a house truly a home,
where it doesn’t matter who inside might roam,
home should be free from all the fear,
it doesn’t matter if it’s far or near.

The comfort of a home some may never get,
and for that they will never ever forget,
all of those who tried their best,
to help them build their very own nest.

Home means every single thing to me,
where I can be so very free.
Shelter from the storm, outside and in my head,
where I can feel so very safe in my bed.

I can be myself with absolutely no fear,
all throughout every single year.
Growing into the adult I want to be,
home is where I can just be me.

Love is the thing that never dies,
it only forever and ever thrives.