Grade 5

Thunder Bay

A Home is Many Things

A home means many things, but I picked one of the best ones… Joy.
When you first turn the key of your new home and walk in, you find out that Joy comes from the couch when you watch a movie with your family or by yourself. Same as laying down for relaxation after work (It’s the best feeling!) You can play Just Dance or even have a dance party! Joy comes from the bed, all the blankets covering you. All the pillows are all stuffed and cozy; all the sweet dreams you have put a smile on your face. Or even paint something for your room! As well waking up in the morning for a new day, a fresh start. As well as decorating your room! Make it your own! Joy comes from the kitchen, your learning to make new foods, some memories are made. Messes are made too! Listen to music while cooking (Even dance too!) Joy comes from the bathroom. You can do your makeup, be pretty; or even BE YOURSELF! You can take nice warm showers (Or cold!) ; make your hair all pretty. Style it! (same for boys!) You could even pretend your hairbrush is a microphone, and you can sing (I did that once!) Joy comes from the basement. You can play some video games or call your friend(s). Your basement you keeps you safe from tornados! You can explore your amazing basement! Joy comes from the Attic. You can find some old writing from 1856. Find some old paintings, as well as a good hiding spot (if your playing hide and seek). You might possibly not even have an attic, which is fine! Joy comes from the backyard. You can play outside with your friends, have a dance contest, play a game or do hopscotch! Roll in the grass, or do grass angels! Well, yes. There are many things in a house, but I mostly hope you understand that a house is made from JOY.