Grade 6


A Home is Made of Hopes and Dreams

When you go home it feels safe to you like you tuck your self in or with a friend share a snack like some don’t have a place feel safe to call home so you should donate to a place the is going to help build more place that people with a safe place or somewhat to call home.

You and others always smell good home-cooked meals which need to be made in an oven and I feel there are no ovens outside you need a home to have an oven there build a home for a family then they can Have a home so they can have good-smelling candles me you and others can and after maybe the people got the home maybe the people in the future smell it to if they can in the if get a lot of money to build it then you and others can smell the friendly and the family get along that’s what we smell all the time.

What a home maybe has a cat or dog or different family animal waiting for you the door or wanting to spend time with you or wanting food what a home would have is sometimes a great looking Dinner at the dinner table and home usually has a nice bed that I see is made nice and comfy.

What a home maybe has is some delish perfect tasting hot chocolate or cocoa
With magic marsh mellows and the best-tasting dinner which is super good and a great tasting dessert cherry sauce on top of ice cream with sprinkles.

What a home maybe has a little noise when you are at your home you can hear animals outside and it’s at your home you can hear your family laughing at a joke or something when you get to your home your pet or pets might be making noise to I’m hungry.

What a home maybe has a feeling of comfy and warm feeling and also feeling safe with your family or your blankets or maybe being with a close friend in your home which will make you feel comfy, warm and safe.

If I lost everything I would miss my family the most
That’s why help someone else get a home where they can be safe