Grade 4

Kamloops BC
British Columbia


A home is where you can have a roof over your head and a family can love you. Even if you’re a sister or brother, Dad or Mom, Grandma or Grandpa, you all have a family. Even pets have a family. It can be a dog, a cat, mouse, bat or a rat, fish a dolphin, octopus or a whale. They all have a home. A home is a place where you don’t feel uncomfortable but you feel comfortable. A home is a place where you’re loved, not hated. Everyone should have a home even if you’re rich or poor. If you live on the street, you still have a home. It’s in your heart. If you love your home, it doesn’t mean that it’s your house. It just means that you love it. Even if you’re not at your house, it’s a home to somebody else. When you’re not there, even if your pet is, your pet has a home because it is in your home. If you have a dog or a cat out there, you all have a home, even the pets, even the dogs, they all have a home.