Grade 6

British Columbia

A Home is for Everyone

A home is for everyone
Freshly baked chocolate cookies coming out of the oven while my older sister turns the beeping smoke detector off,

The smell Laundry detergent wafting from my freshly washed cloths, soft as silk to my touch as I fold them
Smelly shoes left at the front door after a day in the wet field at school,

Laughter fills the room while my family watches a movie all cozy and warm munching on our butter popcorn

Fresh vanilla handmade scones on Sunday morning with sweet raspberry jam,

Banging noises erupt from the shed while my dad works on a skateboard ramp for my sister and I to practice on,

The feeling of love from my mom and dad and anger and jealousy from my sister but always love too,

Everyone deserves a home no matter what, so they can make memories just like me, it doesn’t matter what race or culture,

A home is for everyone and everyone needs a place to call home.