Grade 6

Val Caron

A home is a special place

A home is a special place. A home is a special place, where memories are made and stories are told.

A home is where you celebrate all the wonderful holidays and birthdays. A home is where you feel the most safe

A home is where my family lives, where I sleep and where other family’s should sleep, because a home is a wonderful place

It’s a place that allows you to have comfort and peace, and a place where you make friends

You eat,play,have fun,sleep,clean and love in a special place called home

It’s a place where feel safe during storms, a place where you feel happy

A place where you feel sad the comforted by family members and pets

A home isn’t like a house it’s yours and it’s special and it’s special because it warms the heart

To me a home is a place where I am encouraged where others might be discouraged.

If I were to give a special thing like this I would be filled with joy

Thank you for reading