Grade 4


A Home is a Home You Will Never Forget

A home is a home you will never forget

A home is where you feel welcome,
where family gathers to play;
you are always loved there,
so come join and play!

Homeless people don’t have a home
but I wish they really did.
So open your hands and help them come in
don’t let their home be hid.

A home is a safe place to be in;
a home is like a block at war that nobody can break.
It’s filled with hope and happiness;
your home is never fake .

No matter the size,
No matter the height,
A home is your own,
Even if it is as small as a kite .

A real home is where I can relax and spend time in.
A home is more than just a building you get.
It’s where I feel really cozy.
A home is a home you will never forget!