Grade 5


A Home is a Flower

I love my home because every time I see it I feel lucky. I know that not everybody has a home and therefore I am lucky to have one. Every person is nectar and when you are nectar you need a flower. Homes are our flowers they are the reason we’re safe and healthy. Homes need us toofor if a flower had no nectar the bees wouldn’t come and the flower would be forgotten.

The bricks and stones are not what makes a home so special. t’s the people who live inside it. Without people the house is just a bunch of walls, windows and doors.That’s why most houses are destroyed after being abandoned.

When we’re in our homes we feel like a turtle in a shell. We feel so protected
that we feel we live in a castle with many armed guards. Our house keeps us safe from rain and snow, wind, hail and the cold.We love our home because it’s warm and pleasant. Our homes feel like a warm hug.

So wherever you are remember this :
A home is a flower where the nectar lives and the nectar…is us.