Grade 4


A home is a fabulous place to be

A home is a warm place to be. When it’s freezing outside my house keeps me warm. Our parents keep us healthy and safe but some people do not have that. You have food,water and Playing with your family, laughing, d a place to do your homework.

smiling and being loved. I feel that a home should be a play where you enjoy what you are doing. When i play with my family i feel like I’m not alone. I have a laptop and my bed and a sofa and some people don’t have that and maybe they feel sad.

Right now I’m writing this to help people get a home and to make those people feel safe and cared for. Even though I have a house, other people don’t have a home. My house has an oven pan and a stove and a heater. Do you think people have that?

Even though people do not have a home I must appreciate my family for a home. I have toys, electronics and a Tv. People do not have that. You should be happy that you have a home.