Grade 5

St. Albert

A Home is a Big Deal

To me, home is a place where you can be safe.
Where you can sit down and play games with friends and family. Where you can go to cuddle your pets, and build puzzles.
A good place to dream, and forget your worries.
To have a home is a big deal.
Most of us fail to notice how important it is.
Home is not always a house, it could be a country, or city.
It is a place you recognize, and feel safe.
Where you feel like you can be yourself.
Home means a lot to all of us, no matter how big or small.
Your neighbors might say, ‘it is too tall’ or ‘it is too wide’, but their thoughts do not matter, as long as you feel safe and loved.
As long as you can do the things you love.
Like people always say,
home is where the heart is.

A house is not a home until someone lives inside of it.