Grade 6


A Home is a Beautiful Place

A home is not a house,

And a house is not a home

You may have the best house but the worst surrounding it not a magnificent home

Or you could have a small ugly house but the best home.

A home to me is like being outside in a public area where you are controlled by the society

But home your controlled by the people you love

I hate it when people do not like their house when they have the best home.

Some people do not even have a house or home, but you must be grateful with what you have not with what you want.

When I go home, I see my two brothers and my beautiful parents I get so happy to be home and even have a home, I like smelling my bed after I come from a fun day of school, I open my tablet and my Nintendo go in my living room where my family is, and we talk at the same time I play it feels so good to be there.

Taking a nap waking up in a smooth way listening to my mom singing feels so good and relaxing.

Playing video games with my brothers.

Playing in my trampoline

Playing Basketball in my Basketball hoop

A Home Is A Beautiful Place