Grade 6


A home is…

A home is a place where you should feel safe,
A place that you want to return to,
With the people that you care about,
Where you and your family go,
Together with each other,
Somewhere warm, cozy and comfortable,
With your sisters and brothers,
Mother and Father,
A home is where you live.

A place to be encouraged,
To encourage others,
Somewhere to be recognized,
Your talents, hopes, and dreams,
A home is always a home,
Big or small,
Tall or short,
From the mountains to the fields,
A home is where you live.

We are lucky to have a place to stay,
Shelter from the rain and snow,
A place to call our very own,
There are others that don’t have what we do,
Nowhere for them to go,
Nowhere to stay during the cold night,
No place to share happiness,
No place to love,
A home is where you live.