Grade 6

St. Johns
Newfoundland and Labrador


A home is where……… you come if you feel down it’s where you can come and enjoy your family and friends and make lots of memories with them and cozy up on the couch and watch a movie it’s where you can find your weird side and express that side as much as you want. It’s where you can find your cute doggie laying on the couch all cuddled up. It’s where you can ask and tell your parents anything. You can sleep eat play and even more. it’s where you see family friends and your next door neighbors and talk and play and eat with them. its your home it’s where you live.

A home is what……… god made for us to keep us warm to keep us safe to keep us away from the bad side of the world to make us happy and playful joyful and mindful that we have a home that we should be grateful of what we have and be thankful for what we got its always there for us we can walk drive and run to it. it’s that close to us. Even if its far away it is still in our hearts we still know what it looks like its still there for us.

A home to me……….. A home to me is a place to go when you are not feeling the best a place to help out a place to be thankful and happy a place that god gave us to do all those things and its where i can be weird and funny and happy its where i can be myself. A home to me is where i make memories with friends and family and cozy on the couch with my dog. A home to me is where i can stay if i’m sick and not feeling the best its warmth makes me smile and laugh it makes me grateful for what i have and what i got. A home is the best place to go my home is my heaven. My home is where i stay to get cozy and warm.

My home is my heaven i love my home. i hope that this essay can get a child a home and i hope that this year we can get lots of kids homes.
By: Bella snow