Grade 5

British Columbia

A home I like

A home means a lot to me. I say that a house is just a place where I would eat,sleep, do whatever I would do.But a home has lots of my things,I love my home and I enjoy it at my home. Because it has all my favourite things. But again a house is pretty simple and doesn’t have lots of memories not much in common , I guess a home is special to me. Of course a home has lots, but a house has a bed room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a living room everything you need to live a simple life. A house has love,joy,fun,kindness, all kinds of things, my home is where I grew up with my family, and I have lots of memories and joy. I would never forget anything if I got a home myself, because I would bring back those images in my mind that I can’t forget.When I grow up and get out of school and have a house of my own I will have a good life in a house of my own I will bring back those memories I can’t forget. I will have the same experience my parents had and they still are having.All the people that are living on the streets will probably get an apartment or a home in the future and live a good life. I hope that nothing bad happens if I ever get a home like my parents had.