Grade 4


A Home Holds Memories

To me a home holds more than just furniture–it holds memories. For me, these memories are always about spending time with family. Cooking together, playing together and celebrating together. As I grow up, all of my memories are attached to my home. When I look into my kitchen, it reminds me of all the times I’ve cooked with my dad and then eaten with my family. For example, my dad taught me how to make pasta. I learned how to boil the noodles and then chop up vegetables for the salad. Another great memory is of the dining room. We always have to add more table and chairs into the room because we have too many extended family members for one table. This memory of the dining room makes me feel happy because all of my family are in it!

When I look into my living room, it reminds of all the times I have had “Snack-a-palooza” with my family, as we watch the Toronto Raptors or the Edmonton Oilers play. In case you were wondering what snack-a-palooza is–it is when my dad buys all sorts of chips, cookies and gummies and sets up a smorgasbord of treats for my whole family to share. This memory makes me feel lucky to have a family that can afford our home as well as these kinds of fun nights.

When I look around my house, each room holds special memories. The bonus room reminds me of the times my mom and I made all sorts of different arts and crafts. My bedroom reminds me of my parents coming to tuck me in each night. My backyard reminds me of all the times that my sister, dad, mom and I played volleyball together, swam together and swung on the swingset. To me a home is more than a structure it is a very special place because each room holds many great memories.