Grade 6


A home has the ones you love

If you asked me what home was last year, I probably would have said a shelter. But this year I feel that I know the true meaning of home.
Four months ago, my brother was diagnosed with a sickness that required him to live at the hospital for weeks at a time. Every time my brother would leave, my heart would break, not only because I would not be able to see my brother everyday, but because my mom went with him.
Every two weeks, when my brother would leave for the hospital, our house would not feel like a home. It was empty. It was quiet, almost too quiet without my seven year old brother.
But it wasn’t all that bad, I knew that he was getting better and when I would go to the hospital to see them, I would have the same feeling, as if we were all at home.
A home can be anywhere, even a hospital as long as you have your loved ones there with you.
That is what a home means to me.