Grade 6


A Home for You and Me.

Home is a place where we all gather,
Where we open our arms no matter what class,
Celebrate our differences, having a blast!
Home is where we find comfort,
Or where we all wonder.
It is no ordinary building
It is our base where everything begins, my favourite place!
Every day I remind myself how lucky I am to be living in such a beautiful space
Where no memories can ever be erased
Or even replaced.

There on the street, those poor souls lay,
Thinking if everything will be alright,
And whether hope has lost all of its might.
It hurtful to see them living in this state
Calling a cardboard box their only place.
But together we can turn on a fight
For those who have lost all their might,
With the help of charities or foundations
We can show them their future is bright!

An act of goodwill, big or small
Can help make a difference to this day on
With the help from our family and friends
This problem will soon come to an end!
A feeling enthusiasm from a community base,
When we all put smiles on our face,
Knowing that everything will be great!
As humans, it is a right,
Having a safe home to sleep the night.