Grade 6

British Columbia

A Home for the Homeless


In and out, up and down, day and night, they sat. Staring up at the sunburn sky till the celestial night, feelings of regret, sadness, and betrayed.
Wishing, dreaming of the future.
In the beginning…………………… it was never like this.

Some started their life at school and ended their streak there, some started their life at home, arguments, drugs, drinks, and affairs affected it.
Homeless can happen to anyone and any race. Asians, Europe, Mexican, Italian, ….. no one wanted them to be there. Everyone has a decision to make, you can choose to be someone you are, or choose to be that person you want to be, you make the rules to your life.

Today, in 2019. All over Canada and the USA, are transitional homes. Transitional homes allow homeless people the shelter, food, and education they deserve. They temporarily provide a safe and supportive place for the homeless. We are very lucky to have homes. Home is where you can find love, heart, hope, care, and family. Home is basically where you grew up. Home is where not everything must be perfect. You should always be thankful and appreciate every second of living in your home.

A new home for us, and the transitional home for the homeless alike. At first, home is not where your heart is yet. In order to call it home you have to slowly settling into it.

Homeless are people too. If you ask me, there’s actually not much of a difference between them and us. We have to stop treating them like aliens. We are all humans and we have the responsibility to help each other. We have to provide them with a safe living environment. Hopefully, in the future, together we can finally end homelessness.