Grade 6


A Home for Me and My Family

A home for me and my family is awesome! I love home! It’s pretty small on the outside, but kind of big on the inside, My favourite part of the week is the weekend because i get to play some video games, spend time with my family, and other fun stuff.

It doesn’t matter for me if it’s small or big. At Least I have a house with my lovely and happiest family. I have to be grateful to my parents, siblings for working hard at work or school and also helping on everything for me!

However, people who are homeless don’t have any homes. They have to find food, beg for money, make beds or anything for their children, and other stuff. I’m doing this text because it is for homeless people to maybe see this text.

I want them to see this because I’ll love them through their heart. If they can’t take it anymore or maybe It’s too much.This is why I feel bad for people who are homeless, This is why I want homeless people to read this, so they know what to do when they’re not alone.