Grade 6


A Home for All

Children’s laughter fills the air,
In the kitchen, parents clutter everywhere,
Though we take this for granted,
Others dream they could have this too,
On the streets where they sleep
With a cardboard sheet.
Wishing their lives
Could be improved.

Home to me
Is a place to be free
A place to have fun
And have no worries,
But others wish they could have this too,
Some days they sleep
Without consuming any food.

Wishing they had somewhere,
To call their home.
As passersby yell
“Leave Me Alone!”.
We stand in our homes,
Feeling ungrateful,
They sleep with scraps
Feeling depressed and mistaken.

So please dont judge them
Using your eyes
Every story is different
There are truths and lies
Just because one is dishonest
Doesn’t mean the rest are too
So fight for this cause
And write a poem too
Let’s show them the light
And end their grief
The biggest change
Can start with you and me

And so as you sit there,
Think of what home means to you,
And of what others don’t have
That you do
To me a home is a building
Filled with memories and love,
Things you cherish,
And joy for months to come

Overall it’s a place
Where you feel respected
And you feel safe to share your opinions
The homeless are just like me and you,
They deserve a home
I hope you feel this too.