Grade 6


A Home for All

A Home for All

A cozy home that you can roam,
A place where you can’t moan,
A shelter that shields you from the dark,
A place where you have made your mark,

Memories you make there live on forever,
Made with your sister, brother,
Your uncles, aunts, mother and father,
You have great meals together,
Loads of love forever and ever,

Every person deserves a home,
They all need a roof on top of their head,
It’s a right all people need,
Without one, living is inhumane,
We need to stop having so much greed,
We need to help, we need to feed,

Some people have been thrown,
They sleep outside all alone,
No place to stay at night,
They think that there is no light,

But there are hundreds of helpful donations,
Great fundraisers like “The Meaning of Home,”
This will help the poor, the hungry, and the homeless survive,
In the end,
There should be a home for all.