Grade 6


A Home Away From Home

A Home Away From Home
By: Hannah Gimblet

Home isn’t necessarily a building you sleep in. It can be a sports team or a school. It can be anything or anywhere you want it to be. Home is a place you feel safe, a place to make memorys or somewhere your family is. This is my meaning of home.

My home’s are special to me because that’s where all my memories are. Most people have their own homes where their own memories are. Everyone knows what landmarks are, right? Well memories have landmarks too, they do not just pop into your head, there has to be something that triggers your memory, taste, smell, noises, something you see, are all things that can trigger your memory.

Home should usually have a few people that would be `family”. Whether it’s friends, family, pets, or even stuffed animals, in some way there should be `family”. Whoever you call family should be someone you talk to. I have three “familys’ ‘, my friends, my family, and my pets.

Home is not necessarily a building you sleep in. Everyone has their own home. They can even have multiple homes. Your home should be different places. I have 5 homes, my bedroom, the baseball diamond, my dad’s shop, and my cousin Shyannes house.

Like I said in the beginning, home is where ever you feel is home. After all of my rambling, I feel home is not a place, it’s a feeling.