Grade 4


A Home

A Home
What a home means to me…
I walk through the door every single day. I always lay a smile on my face. A home is where I feel cozy at night. When I feel sad and dark my home puts on a happy bright light. When I feel mad I always think of what I have a home. On rainy days my roof washes it all away. Every single night I always dream of coloured lights.

I can think of how I have a home while other people are cold. I can have a bite of food while other people are just flying a kite. I have a look at my cupboards and I see food. I can think of people who just open a book. I can pay the bills with a little cash while people can’t even resist their own day. I see tears almost everyday but sometimes I think of it the hard way. Some people are lying saying their home is not important while other people are begging and dying for a home. My flowers are blooming In my home while other people are living outside glooming. A home is where I feel loved. A home also means at any time I can be the emotion I want to be.
That’s what home means to me in my head!