Grade 5


A Home

A Home…
When you think of what makes your home a home, many would probably say that it would mean a special object such as toys and electronics or any prized possession. What if I told you all that isn’t what makes a home?

A home doesn’t mean any of that, what really makes a home isn’t just what’s in the inside. It’s in the inside of our hearts. Home to me would mean the fresh pancakes my mother makes me, or when my siblings and I all play as we laugh in joy. All of what I am saying is that home doesn’t start with your toys and electronics, it starts off with your family, as they always say “Family comes first.”

I always think that every existing person on this planet should deserve and cherish the time with family, the time when home can release all your stress, the time when home reveals comfort, and the time when home makes many memories,and many still yet to come.

They call it home for a reason, and the reason for a home is to bring family more together and closer. The reason to never drift apart, and the reason to care and never forget about family. As they will always be there for you no matter what you have to go through in life.

At home many things may occur there, but we need to know that home is what has brought us and family together. The place that brought comfort, the place that starts with love, and the place where memories are created. I hope I have stated some good reasons of what home means to me and what makes home a home.