Grade 5


A Home

A home has a door but there is so much more, when you take a look inside, there’s magic before your eyes, even if you feel alone, Just go inside, Find your family and you’ll be fine.

Your home has so many happy memories, some memories might be sad or happy, but just be glad you have your family. That is so cool, sweet and happy, I always feel a static between me and my family, my home brings so much memories.

When I go up the stairs and down the halls, I always remember when I got up from a fall, it’s really important to always see how much memories there can be.

My house is very enjoyable, and so hard to forget, I’m so thankful to have my house, that is so amazing, and that stores my memories when I forget.
You never know how much enjoyment there can be, and I’m lucky to have a loving family that always helps me.

I love my family and you should too, I’m happy to have a loving family just like you!