Grade 4


A Home

A home
A home is something you can sleep in,eat in,dream in,laugh in,play in,love in,make mistakes in and enjoy memories in it.

A home is not a structure nor a building, a home is feelings of love and joy surrounded by humans with their heart lit.

Joy and laughter surround this home. And maybe after you won’t feel alone.

A home is a place where you can feel safe. There is no fear when you are here.

You grow here and learn. Sleep here and yearn.

You walk your first steps. And so let’s give someone a home to make them not feel alone!

Here is the future of all humans. Laughing and blooming.

Hugs and kisses from my mom . they sure do make me feel calm.

At the end of day I wish to give a home to those in need, they WON’T feel alone!

Tears of joy fall from their eyes. I wish to see them smile and thank me after they’ve been here for a while.

I don’t care about the prizes. For I know that this is wise.

Please give a home so they don’t feel alone.