Grade 6

British Columbia

A Home

Home. Home is a place of happiness. Everybody has one. Yes, even homeless people. You feel happy in your home, but your house is your shelter. A home is a place where you can be happy or sad or mad or excited. You feel safe in your home as safe as you can imagine. You can feel at home in your house, but you also can not feel at home in your house. Lots of people are lucky and me included. But some people are less fortunate. I feel special and loved in my house because of the people around me. I would not like to be disliked in my own house. My family and I play family games in our house to be together. It’s the same with movies. We want to watch the movie because its as exciting as can be. Also, because its enjoyable to sit down on a couch and be together. Some families however are different because the child or children’s parents are working a lot or they are on their phones. This is not very good because every child deserves to feel loved by their parents. I do not feel like that because my parents are always there for me with hugs, smiles, talks and support. I feel like I can tell my parents and my sister everything because I trust them. Trust is very important for families. This is why I am happy to have a home because everyone needs one. Everyday I think about how lucky I am with a very special family. Remember a house is your shelter and a home is not. A home is who’s with you.