Grade 6


A Home

One day when I got picked up from school to go home, I saw a few home that didn’t look as well a mine. The next day i saw them again wondering how people live with such a home.

The next day at school we learned about organizations that help people like Siloam Mission and Winnipeg harvest and Salvation Army. Then a flashback came to me, the homes I saw driving home those days. Our teacher tells us about the organizations, so I go home and tell about the day I had. A few day go by and I realize why people live in such bad places. It’s because they don’t have enough money to pay taxes and bills altogether. On the weekends I play on my Xbox and Xbox 360. these use electricity. I drink water. I eat food. You know what they all have in common? It costs money. Everyone pays taxes and bills to keep living the way they want to. Some people have lots of money and some do not. some people live in poverty. People are homeless, but some people care enough to make shelters. Especially this year it’s hard to find one to stay at because of Covid. I just want people to have a place to live, have good memories and a good healthy life, because in the end there is always a way out. there are times where it feels you have to give up in life, like someone once said there is light at the end of the tunnel.