Grade 6


A Home

A Home

A home is the place where all of your dreams come true. My home is a warm place and I can invite my friends over.

But a lot of people do not have a home to go warm up.

Home is a place where we all live to eat, play and hug. Some people do not have a home to do the things we do so I am going to help them to have a home to eat, play and hug!

A home is a safe place to live and a lovely place.

Home is a peaceful place when it’s quiet.

What do I do at my house? I play video games on the weekend. Home is a wonderland for you and me.

A home is a living thing like you and me.
It’s like a dog and you’re like the owner. Yes, I’m talking about your house.
You need to treat the house the way you would treat a pet, with love.

Do you think people need a home or not?

Well I do!