Grade 6


A Home

A home is a place everyone wants. Most of the population does have a home, however, some people do not have homes. Those people have to live on either city streets of homeless shelters. If there’s one thing that’s upsetting in this world, it’s seeing someone sitting on a bench with no place to go.

I get to go home to a loving family and a place with a bedroom, and a playroom for me. Meanwhile, someone less fortunate than me doesn’t anywhere to return to or returns to a homeless shelter that doesn’t feel like a home to them. All around the city there are people sleeping on benches, asking for money near the roads, or just walking around on the sidewalk with nowhere else to go. Around the world there are people who are homeless. From North America to Australia, Asia to South America, and Europe to Africa, people are homeless. All those people from different cities, states or provinces, countries, and continents deserve homes.

Homes should be a right, not a thing that you have to have a lot of money for, but I’m not the one who makes that decision. The government and the businesses do. Well, if you think about it, if homes were free than the people who sell the houses would not have a job so they would be homeless, so maybe I’m just talking about nothing.

All in all, I think everyone should have a home. I think that a home should be a right. So all I can do is hope that the ones who do make those rules think like I do, or maybe I could become Prime Minister.