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A home

A Home

A home is where you can have a bed to sleep in and throw bad memories in the trash bin. A home is where you can come to your family for love and support and listen to music when you’re down.

A home is a beautiful place full of good memories and good fun times when my mom leaves to see her sister I will miss her. But my home will comfort me and remind me that my mom will be right back.
When I’m sick my pets will stay with me while playing with a stick. When I look at a house I hope it’s a home to the people that live there when people come to my home, they can tell it’s my home. My dad comes to sit on my bed while I’m reading.

I’m glad I have a home and wish everyone can too. No matter what race you are if you keep working and keep positive you might get a home like me!

By: Rylie