Grade 5


A Home

A home is a safe place with love, hope, kindness, and memories. Also a home is a shelter to keep your family happy. A home to me is a part of your life that will always keep your family together 👪. Also a home is where you have funny stories and sad ones too. Sometimes a home is where memories can start and where people can be joyful, funny, sad, or mad. A home is a place we call home. Also it is a place to have a lot of emotions too. Sometimes a home can be comfort where you fell safe and happy 😁. Also it is where you can take a break . A home is for anyone. Also a home can bring you peace, helpfulness, warmth, friends, family, and life. A home can be just a little one it does not have to be big. Also a home is is a habitat for you and if you have an animal too 🐶. A home is a place where you get food and water, love, shelter,and fun. Home can be where you get education or help from your family . Lastly you get a great family, a home, and LOVE!💖👪