Grade 5

Solsgirth MB

A Home

A Home

A home to me is a place to live and a place to feel safe. To go home and your family is there it makes me feel safe and loved. My special place in my home is downstairs.

Downstairs I have a lot of fun. I play hockey with my dad. I also have a lot of sleepovers with my friends downstairs. Having all my friends over is so awesome because it makes me feel so cool. I love my friends so much .

My bedroom is a place that I sleep and read. My favorite thing to do is probably go to bed. It makes me happy and makes me feel calm. If you had my bedroom it would feel so great because when I walk into my bedroom it feels like I walk into a hot warm place. This is great to have in Canada because it is cold!

My house would not feel like a home without my basement. I am always downstairs. I love it so much. It makes me feel good that I come home to the basement and I also love come home to my family.