Grade 5


A Home

A Home
:By R.M
When I hear the word home I think about the fun memories that I’ve had living and growing up there.

I think about maybe skating on a pond for an hour or two and then coming in to the the toasty warm house after you have been cold outside with a warm cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up with a blanket on the couch bye the hot fire place and you just stay there because it’s so comfortable and you don’t really want to get up.

And the holidays,holidays are one of the best things that you do with your family and the great thing is there’s lots of them no matter of what country you come from or what religion you are .

There’s Christmas , Hanukkah , Halloween and much much more.

And neighbors are really fun especially when your a kid you meet new people you make new friends you have some great play dates or pool parties and eventually there one of your great life long friends.
So what’s your home like whether it’s an apartment , condo , a hut or maybe but probably not even an mansion what makes it special ? in it’s own way.