Grade 6

Elkford BC
British Columbia

A Home

A Home
Keeps you out of the heat of the day,
Or keeps a major storm at bay.
Home isn’t just a roof over your head,
It’s the memories you make, that align on a thread.
The things that make you smile,
They should happen after a while.
A house isn’t just four walls and a roof,
That is not a spoof.
A house keeps out the cold,
Or people trying to be bold.
When my mother calls, “Time for dinner,”
I feel like a winner.
I braved the day,
Now in bed I lay.
A bedroom,
Is like its own biome.
The birds,
They’re song can’t be explained in words.
The breeze,
Lets me sleep with ease.
The crackling fire,
Loves to inspire.
The sound of flowing river,
Brings down the shiver.
The sound of grass,
Lets the stress pass.
The soft snow,
loves to blow.
The mountains towering tall,
makes the rest of the world seem so small.
The crunching leaves,
Fall from the trees.
As I lay down in bed,
I drift off and start to dream about the day ahead.