Grade 6


A Home

Here I am sitting on the cold,wet streets I have nowhere safe to go no home no one to love me “mommy can I have that teddy bear” I heard a girl scream this is my chance my chance to have somewhere safe to go,my chance to have someone to love me, my chance to have a home “but honey it’s been on the streets its old rundown” “but mommy I want him I want him please mommy” “maybe we can come back later” “bye teddy I won’t forget you I’ll come back I promise”I hope you come back I really hope you do
“Mommy can we go get teddy now ?” “okay but are you sure you want it” “yes mommy lets go!” you came back for me “you’re coming home with me you’re going to love it smells like freshly baked cookies and cake,at home it’s cozy and if you ever need to cry you can go to mommy at home you can hear kiwi my bird squeaking in his cage we’re going to have so much fun together” family somewhere safe someone to love me somewhere to call home!