Grade 5


A Home

To me, a home is a place that shelters us from the dangers there are existing. A home is where family and friends meet and have fun.
A home is where family and friends have joy and happiness spread from one to another making them happy.
A home brings a frown into a smile and brings sorrow into joy.
A home is where happiness and peace reside forever and ever. It is safety to all who are there.
A home is passed on from one to another bringing and giving joy as it is passed on.
It keeps family and friends together in all situations no matter what.
It shelters us from the rain, snow and the extreme weathers that may happen.
It protects us from the evil forces in the world, keeping us safe forever.
A home is what I wish for everyone to have for all times that will come so they can have joy like I have.
My home is mine to keep and everyone else should have a home for themselves to keep.