Grade 5


A Home

A home is a world filled with love.
You feel belonged and cared for.
Home is a shelter. A safe place for all.
Doesn’t matter what you are,small or tall,black or white
A place where all the memories are safe and sound.
Home is a store full of pictures and happy thoughts

A home is a place where family can count on you and you can count on your family.
In my home everyone included no one is ever excluded.
In a home you can learn,enjoy and have funWhere you can sleep in a nice and warm bed and eat delicious and tasty food. We have a roof above and floor below

But some people don’t have a home.
No roof above no floor below.
Some people live outside in the freezing cold or boiling hot. They struggle for food or struggle for water.
But we can help. All together we can donate food or money to homeless shelters. We can give people on the street some food or water.

I am glad to have a home and you should too.