Grade 5


A Heart Is At Home

At home you feel safe and sound
Rain or shine, home is there.
Home can be found anywhere,
Even if you live in a box on the street
or in a mansion on a hill, it’s your home.
A heart is at home.

So really all you need to call home, home
Is a little love,
some support,
and a loving family.
A heart is at home.

Home is a place that you can find family.
It’s where friends come to play,
Where memories are made,
and where relatives come to visit.
A heart is at home.

You may move from house to house
But home comes with you everywhere
You may have a big family or one really small
home is where you see them all.
A heart is at home.

At home you find people that love you and people you love.
But at home you are not judged by what you look like.
You are not judged by what you wear,
at home you find unconditional love.
A love that can not be found anywhere.
A heart is at home.

If you are at home you can find everyone you ever loved,
and all who have ever loved you.
You can live in a big house or one really small,
no matter where you live or where you come from
Home will always be there.
A heart is at home.

It will be there after a long day at work or school.
It will be there to give you shelter in a storm.
It will be there to comfort you when you are scared or frightened.
Home will always be with us no matter what.
Home is loving, home is kind, home is a place you don’t have to find.
For your heart is at home.