Grade 6

British Columbia

A Happy Home

To me the meaning of home is knowing that I have a place to go to everyday after school, or after an activity. When I get home I feel happiness, joy and fun because I see my two awesome and playful dogs at the top of my long staircase. Every once in awhile, one of my two dogs comes down the stairs and jumps on me. After I walk up the stairs, I say,“I’m home, ̈ and I take out my lunch kit.
If it is not Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, I go to my awesome bed and read. When it is time for dinner, I either watch TV with my family or sit at the dinner table. After dinner, I will play a game with my family or read a book. Before I go to bed, I know that I ‘ll have a weighted blanket and a soft flannel blanket, and my awesome dog Dino next to me. It is the perfect way to go to bed every night.