Grade 5

Sturgeon County

A Habitat for Humanity House

Imagine your house, what if you had no roof. You want to have shelter, but some people don’t have that. You want to have shelter. Imagine your house with no doors. It would be cold or hot. Imagine your house with no bed. That would be sad. What if you had no property. At this point, you don’t even have a house now, no land, no bed, no property, no doors, nothing. No money. You may have been sleeping on garbage now. That is homeless. But don’t give up because you can get help from Habitat for Humanity.

You hope that money gets donated and that a Habitat volunteer comes to you. The habitat volunteer takes you to a construction site. You see a half-built house. You can already tell that it is going to be great. You go back to your garbage pile bed-thing.

The habitat volunteer comes back again, he says that your house has been finished. You say, ‘Wow, that didn’t take long.”

He says, “That is because so many people helped. Your house has a big nice bathroom and two bedrooms. People have also paid for your furniture.”

You step inside your new house, the habitat volunteer says it’s all yours now .