Grade 6

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

A Good Praise of A Home


Home is a place of happiness,
joy and kindness which makes us happy.
Without a good home,
you are just an egg that will not hatch. Home sweet home is just like a tree planted by the water, it stands still and straight.
Like a willow tree that water comes out of,
keep your home like your life
because it is the only one for you. Have you seen a home destroyed by the devil? When the devil takes over the home,
you will be left alone with nothing. ` Would you prefer a good home or a bad home? Everyone would rather a good home… why? Because it is the best. I want every one to make a good home. What is home without love?
Home without love is a home of sadness.
It makes you feel like you are in your own bubble.
It is a space of loneliness. Home is a permanent residence. It makes me think of those in Nigeria that don’t have a home. I feel bad for them. Now I am in Canada and I am grateful to have my own home.
Have you had an experience with a home being destroyed?
Time goes by so fast in our life. Make sure to take the time to appreciate what home you have.