Grade 6

Grande Prairie

A good place

Home is a place where I am safe , where I am secure and noboty can hurt me. Home is à place where I have my family that I have fun with and play board games and play outside like hide and seek. Home is a place where I feel calm and relaxed with no more school work I never feel stressed at home because I have nothing to worry about. Home is the best place ever where I play with my friends and family. Home is a place where I always have great memories everyday. Home is a place where I play video games after school everyday. With covid I love getting home and finally taking off that mask and breathing fresh air. Home is a place where it is warm when I turn on the fireplace. That’s what home means to me.

By writing a few words on a piece of paper you can help someone have home. By only taking an hour or less you can make a difference in someone’s life. When you write a short poem or SA you donate $10 dollars to Habitat for humanity. If you can right words, you can help people. If you win the best sa or poem you can donate 30,000 to a donation thing, you will also get the choice of a samsung tablet and a 10,000 dollar donation or an iPad and a pizza party for your class.

I don’t know what it’s like with no home but I can imagine it. I think it would be hard with no home and hard to get food. It would be really hard for me to be cold every night. Not everyone will give you money so it will be hard and some people will not be nice.