Grade 5


A Good Home

“A good home must be made, not bought.”

By Austin
“a good home must be made, not bought” To me this means to me you can by any house but it will not be like a home it will have no memories unless that is going to be your new house but It will take time.
Family also creates a home. And it wouldn’t be the same if my family wasn’t there because my family cares about me and I care about them and same with my dog. When my grandma was in the hospital my family was there for her and. I feel safe in my home and my home means I can play Fortnite well eating and talk about things that I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about anywhere else and even know furniture isn’t really a memory or a part of a home but my old couch had one really good memory which is that is the first place I cuddled with my dog.
A house is nothing but four walls a roof some windows a door that cost money that keeps you out of storms and other things. But really think if you were homeless by yourself it would not feel like a home. If you were with your dog/cat per say it would be different because you would have someone or something that you love or care about. You knew it was safe and was comforting you or if you were with family same thing. Just imagine if you had no one to care about or that cared about you. It wouldn’t feel very good but the sad thing is that there are people in the world that do experience that every day which is sad to think about.
By Austin