Grade 6

Nova Scotia

A Gift From Home

The day starts with the calm morning
it may be calm but I still hear snoring
with the sunlight bright
oh i can’t imagine the moon dark night
for the person of this poem
I just want to roam
and listen to a nice, calm tone
no phone, just home
with my way to school
maybe stop by the frozen pool
because this poem is not to be taken by a fool
but there is one rule:
to be cool,
not to rule my friend
but to pend
to wait to the moon
it will come soon
and so with the night
it will be bright with light
to hang with my friends
and to laugh and cry
I don’t think want to say goodbye
I just want to keep saying hi
We sit in the grass as the sun goes down
there is no frown
just the happy smiles of the friends around
as the sun goes down
up above the town
with Mrs. Brown.
And as I stroll through the town
all I see is the upside down version of frown
as I stroll past the school
I remind myself that I am one of the sons
of one of the best people in this town
Mrs. Sampson the one who got me through the times
where I could not make a chime
and I just sigh.
Now we are happy in this town of friends and love
how did this day become the most fun
it’s like all I can do is run
and now when night comes
I am done for this miracle of day
I just don’t know what to say
no birds, no words,
just the relaxing night of the miracle morning.