Grade 5


A Friend Named Home

A Friend Named Home

People ask me “What does home mean to you?”,
Well, my home feels like another human being, just like me and you.
Home is the place where I feel secure and warm,
Home is the building that protects me from rain, snow, and storm.
Home, whatever colour, shape, or size, will always be loved by you and I.

My home is always there to shelter me when I am feeling angry and blue,
But my home is also there to celebrate with me when the good times come too.
My home, your home, all of our homes, they make sure we are happy and safe,
So we should thank them by playing, having fun, and putting a smile on our face.

Home is also the people that don’t try to change you, the people that love you for who you truly are.
Home is your family around you, along with your teachers, your friends, and the ones who’ve left for the stars.
Home is the people that you play with and grow up with, the people that make you smile.
These people are your traveling home, they could be right beside you or they could be as far as a mile.

Lots of people say that home is where the heart lives, but they forgot about the soul.
Home is where both of them stay together, and together they make the house whole.
My home feels like another human being, like a friend that doesn’t make me feel alone,
So it looks like I have a best friend, and that friend’s name is Home.