Grade 4


A Family Tree

A house is the tree, a home is the roots, what makes the tree grow is a family that knows “ a home is more than a place you stay. More than a long wide hallway. It’s a place where love never ends, a place where family is first. A place where your never alone

It’s the people inside a house that makes it a home. You can help someone have their happiest day, by simply writing simple words on a simple blank page. I want everyone to know, this poem comes straight from my heart. A home has changed my life. A place where I feel delight!

A house protects me from the wind and storm, but a home is somewhere I belong. Some people don’t have a safe place to stay, they walk sometimes alone in the rain. I want people to have a home just like me, a place where they belong, a place where they have shelter and feel strong.