Grade 5

British Columbia

A Dragon’s Home

A long time ago, about 2,000 years ago, there was a dragon. Her name was Sandy,because she was a sandy colour. She loved collecting rocks. In fact, it was her favourite thing!
She had a very grumpy mom and dad, but she lived. One day she decided to leave. She couldn’t stand her mother or her father anymore! She decided to go to Aunt Margret’s cave.
Aunt Margret was an old dragon who was always talking because she was lonely. One night Sandy couldn’t sleep, because the waves were crashing against the mountain. It drove her mad! She left the next day. Then she went to uncle Philip’s cave. Uncle Philip lived on the top of a mountain. Uncle Philip was an old dragon who never talked and sat in a chair all day. One night Sandy was so cold she couldn’t sleep. So she left the next day. Then she went to aunt Coral and uncle Turtle’s cave. The cave was on the beach.She loved it there so much and she knew this was her place. Until aunt Coral said “don’t you want to go home?”
Well she did, so she went home the next day. When she got home her parents missed her so much! She was very happy, and auntie Coral and uncle Turtle visited all the time! So Sandy lived happily.