Grade 6


A definition of home.

Home: A home is a place of warmth, a place of comfort, and a place of joy. A home doesn’t have to be a house, It may be a small tree fort tucked in the woods, an old wooden dock built sturdy laying in a sunlit pond, or many consider full towns, even countries home. Home is the place you seek when you need peace or a place to think, you come there with your thoughts and feelings in your darkest of moments and can feel safe to cry. Home has a family, one that you love, one you trust with your deepest of secrets and can share your honest thoughts with, this family doesn’t have to consist of relatives but your best of friends. Home is a place you feel a connection to, even if you’ve been there only a day, an hour, or even a minute it still holds a place in your heart. Home is a place of privacy, you can go there to be alone and be in silence. But most importantly, home has memories, memories to look back on when the world seems dark, memories to remind you of important lessons and all of life’s adventures, and even memories of tragedy and pain find their way into your home but you’re able to look back on them and know its just a part of life. Though other people have other opinions and ideas that’s the meaning of home to me and as long as I have a home, I doubt it will ever change.